In addition to the ministries, schools, and church which form the Heartland Community in northeast Missouri, several businesses provide jobs for Heartland residents, and services to the general public. Restaurants and lodging, auto repair, a convenience store, telecommunications services, welding shop, graphic design firm, and the farm are all part of Sharpe Holdings, Inc. Visit www.heartlandmissouri.com for our community website.

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The Solid Rock Cafe is hiring for the following positions. To inquire or apply, contact the Sharpe Holdings HR Department at 660-284-6212, ext. 4203.

BAKER: Part-time position with flexible hours for an employee skilled in baking cakes, pies, pastries and other desserts. Starting pay $8.60/hour.

  • Physical requirements include ability to stand, reach, and lift up to 50 lbs.¬†
  • Skill level: applicants should be able to run most or all kitchen appliances, and be able to follow directions and recipes as set forth by Solid Rock Cafe manager.
  • Creativity: Employee is welcome to submit new recipes or ideas to Manager.
  • Duties also include assisting Prep Room Cook as needed, and assisting in the preparation of grab-n-go items.

BACKLINE COOK: Full-time position with ability to prep and cook different meal situations (breakfast-lunch-dinner) simultaneously. Depending on the shift, employee is responsible for starting/shutting down the backline, stocking and prepping. Starting pay $8.60/hour (higher rate based on work experience).

  • Physical requirements include ability to bend, reach, lift up to 50 lbs. and stand for 7-8 hours at a time, work in freezing temperatures (when stocking), work safely around 350-degree frying oil and grill flattops.
  • Duties in addition to primary tasks may include help in other areas as needed, clean and wash dishes.
  • Looking for a team player with excellent customer service skills.